12 Days of Aitken – Day 4, 5 and 6

I’ve been seriously dropping the ball on getting these 12 Days of Aitken posted up, so I’m going to have to throw these last three into one post to get things back on track. Up top we have Mike’s part in Square One’s “Up In Arms”, and down below his parts in Matt Beringer’s “The Beginning 2” and Square One’s “Wide Awake Nightmare.” All classics, but Wide Awake Nightmare is my favorite of the bunch.

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12 Days of Aitken – (Day 3) F-iT

Another day of 12 Days of Aitken, another classic early video part. Up for day three is his part in Fit’s very first video, F-iT. Van and BF are on commentary duties for this one, and if there’s one thing I must reiterate, it’s just how quick this video was thrown together. I’d be very surprised if anyone filmed for it for more than a couple weeks. Mikey and everyone else handled the business though!

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The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2016

My apologies for the delay! Maybe one day I’ll finally realize that I need to start the whole process of picking these out well before the end of the year rolls around. I thought I’d be able to hammer it out right at the beginning of January, but between traveling and being busy with a bunch of other stuff, I never had the time to fully devote to sitting down and giving this the attention it deserves. So, here we are, damn near the end of February and we’re just now taking a look back on what I thought were…

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Inman / Aitken / Porras – Holy Fit

Here’s a good one from Holy Fit; the split section featuring Justin Inman, Mike Aitken and Christian Porras. These dudes ride everything in here so if you only want to see them riding trails 00:29, 01:51 and 03:19 are the digits you’ll want to know. That first 360 that Inman does looks so wild!

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Limited Edition Chrome Fit Motomike Frames

Fit just did a run of Mike Aitken’s signature Motomike frames in chrome. You should immediately contact your favorite Fit dealer if you want one because they are extremely limited! Having grown up riding in the early 90s it’s funny to think about how scarce chrome frames are now, considering chrome pretty much dominated the frame color palette back then. It’s also funny to think that it’s legitimately been twenty years since I’ve owned a chrome frame. Anyway, enough about how old I am, jump over to the FIT SITE for the full Motomike specs and some more pics of it…

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