Crack Dad – 2010 Casselberry Session

I used to go to Florida a lot when I was younger with my buddy the Stileman, and let’s just say that the trails there were interesting back then. I always did have a ton of respect for the dudes down there making it happen though. It was cool seeing the trails evolve from piles… Continue reading Crack Dad – 2010 Casselberry Session

Your Next Seat

People (Mike Cottle I’m looking in your direction) are always saying that BMX needs to get off of skateboarding’s testicles. Well if you don’t agree with that, then why not show some support for skateboarding by getting a seat made from their scraps. I totally don’t expect you to watch this whole thing! Skip to… Continue reading Your Next Seat

Get Well Mark!

A big get well goes out to Mark Potoczny (pictured here with his new roommate Snoop Dog aka Snoop Lion) who’s out for the next month with a broken thumb. Hopefully with a little luck he’ll be all healed up in time to catch the peak of the Fall trail session. Next time you’re sippin’… Continue reading Get Well Mark!

Exclusive Video: Heathens Jam 2013

Heathens Jam 2013 was a blast, already can’t wait till the next one. We had a pretty strong Pittsburgh based crew that rolled in to claim the jumps. Will Herman was announced the Patch Pimp for shredding so hard. The Queen of England better approve of this. Tyler Valentik AKA “Baby T” won the boost… Continue reading Exclusive Video: Heathens Jam 2013

Old Formatiks Video

Ok, the video quality blows but there’s some damn fine riding in here. For those of you who don’t know, Formatiks was Brandan “Punjab” Pundai’s company back in the early to mid 2000’s. This was a promo for a video that was supposed to come out. As far as I know it never did so… Continue reading Old Formatiks Video

Salt of the Earth

Cottle took some time off from his shop Outspoken to film this edit for Shadow.  Check him out getting down at 71n with a few park clips thrown in for good measure.