Fix Manufacturing – Wheelie Wrench Promo

Stumbled across this promo for Fix Manufacturing’s “Wheelie Wrench” multi tool that just so happens to feature Hucker along with Sunny Garcia. The tool looks pretty dialed, especially as an everyday carry item. They also make a belt with a buckle that’s specially designed to hold the tool in it. Pretty interesting!

Hucker Bike Check

Hucker has a bike check up on DIG showing off his very vintage looking build. Seriously, that thing is a 44t sprocket, a railed seat and press-in headset cups away from being straight out of 1995. Love it! Give it a look and catch a little interview with Hucker HERE!

Ride – Feeble Talk With Hucker

I didn’t think Ride was going to be able to top their Feeble Talk with Cory Nastazio, but I think this one with Hucker just may have done it. So many good stories in here and they even had the Soil video rolling in the background of part of it.

The Night Harvest 2017

The Night Harvest has really become one of the premier dirt jumping events of the year. With both BMX and MTB classes, more and more pros from both worlds are making the pilgrimage to Cape Town, South Africa every year for it. Weather issues have kept the contest from being the best it could be… Continue reading The Night Harvest 2017