Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

Exotic cars and dirt jumping aren’t two things that I would think go together, but the Goodwood Festival of Speed somehow manages to successfully combine the two into one weekend of awesomeness. Ride UK put together this quick edit of some of the action going down on the dirt course; which I have to say looks pretty damn fun.

Red Bull – Tip to Tail Episode 4

The fourth and final episode of Red Bull’s Tip to Tail sticks to the same formula of the crew riding a few parks and then finishing up at some trails that the previous episodes did. It would be an injustice to refer to these as just “some trails” since they happen to be Gorge Road! I do have to say …

Red Bull – Tip to Tail Episode 3

I skipped posting episode two of Red Bull’s Tip to Tail because there weren’t any trails in it. Episode three doesn’t suffer from that same problem since the crew makes their way to the Moon Creek Trails. Once again I did a whole bunch of skipping through. Run it from the start if seeing a bit a park strikes your …

Red Bull – Tip to Tail Episode 1

With a crew consisting of Corey Bohan, Kris Fox, and Hucker, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what they got into on Red Bull’s Tip to Tail New Zealand trip. I’m not going to lie, I did a fair amount of skipping through this first episode until I got to the part where they ride Paul Langlands yard. In my …

PA Woods 2009 Trail Mix

Here’s some classic footage the good folks at PA Woods dug up while sorting through their stockpile of media for an upcoming project. More on that later, but for now enjoy this look back to 2009. Make sure you watch it the whole way through for the crazy 540 curve wallride!