Raditudes Episode 3

Episode three of Raditudes picks up at Dirt Conquers where episode two left off. I had already seen as much as much as I needed to of that contest so I skipped ahead to the Boozer Jam at Sheep. It’s awesome to see that many people come out for a good cause. Equally awesome is the classic one-footed three table from SHL OG Shaun Butler at the end! The episode heads to Joyride 150 after that, and of course I stopped watching. I’m sure some incredible stuff went down though!

Mother Hucker

Hucker does many impressive things, but I think hitting jumps no footed is by far my favorite one.

Hucker Is A Crazy Ass Mofo

As if the jumps aren’t crazy enough, Hucker takes it to a whole new level! A foot blowing off on the set before won’t stop him from flipping the next one. This would be impressive under normal circumstances, but it’s particularly insane when you’re dealing with jumps this big. Oh and then there’s the whole playing with and almost getting bit by a deadly tiger snake. Dude is out of his mind.