Sheep Hills Jam 2014

It’s been something like seven or eight years since I last went to Sheep Hills. Disrepair doesn’t even come close to adequately describing the condition it was in last time I was there. I’m glad to see that the place is slowly but surely being whipped back into shape (well as in shape as that moon dirt will allow).

Raditudes Episode 3

Episode three of Raditudes picks up at Dirt Conquers where episode two left off. I had already seen as much as much as I needed to of that contest so I skipped ahead to the Boozer Jam at Sheep. It’s awesome to see that many people come out for a good cause. Equally awesome is the classic one-footed three table from SHL OG Shaun Butler at the end! The episode heads to Joyride 150 after that, and of course I stopped watching. I’m sure some incredible stuff went down though!

Mother Hucker

Hucker does many impressive things, but I think hitting jumps no footed is by far my favorite one.