Exclusive Video: Welcome Jam 2013

The world known Potoczny Welcome Jam had a massive turn out this year. Every year the jam’s get bigger and bigger, my imagination can only wonder what next year will be like. Meaning we have to one up the video we just made. Results: Best Trick | Jeremy Ball, High Air | Tyler Valentik, High Air Quarter | Lil Jon, Best Pancake | Teddy Van Orman. The video features two local bands from Pittsburgh, Guests of Guests and Locks and Dams. There will be an outtakes video coming out soon, it will cover the quarter pipe high air and bloopers from the eventful day.


Get Well Mark!

A big get well goes out to Mark Potoczny (pictured here with his new roommate Snoop Dog aka Snoop Lion) who's out for the next month with a broken thumb. Hopefully with a little luck he'll be all healed up in time to catch the peak of the Fall trail session. Next time you're sippin' on some Blast make sure to pour a little out for our downed homie!

Exclusive Video: Heathens Jam 2013

Heathens Jam 2013 was a blast, already can’t wait till the next one. We had a pretty strong Pittsburgh based crew that rolled in to claim the jumps. Will Herman was announced the Patch Pimp for shredding so hard. The Queen of England better approve of this. Tyler Valentik AKA “Baby T” won the boost portion of the jam. Featuring: Ryan Popple, Mike Cottle, Rob Darden, Mike Potoczny, Noshirt, Mike Hucker, Glen Johnson, and more. Enough reading click the play button!

The Wheel Mill’s “Woods Jump Room” Time Lapse & Photo Gallery

It's rough being a trails rider on the East Coast when winter rolls in. A lot of digging gets done when the ground isn't frozen solid, but riding definitely takes a hit. The Wheel Mill is the latest park to undertake the challenge of giving trails riders a place to ride during the winter, and they brought in a handful of Pittsburgh's best riders to get it done. I've been getting more and more excited as I've watched the building progress. The park isn't open quite yet but the builders have been able to sample the fruits of their labor. Tom Arkus put together a time lapse video of the building of what has been dubbed "The Woods Jump Room" and Brian Yeagle shot some great pictures of it being "tested". Hit the jump button to check out the time lapse video and the gallery! (more...)