River Roast

Here’s a proper River Roast edit from the man who put it all together, Mike Saavedra. We definitely are going to have to make it a point to be at the next one!

River Roast 2017

Ride coming through with 10 minutes of raw footage from last weekend’s River Roast at Milestone MX Park. It’s awesome that they not only decided to keep the trails setup from S&M’s 30 Year Jam, but that they are also going to keep letting events like this be hosted there. The night jam is going… Continue reading River Roast 2017

Tom Dugan Mic’d Up At The Palm Trails

I really wasn’t expecting to actually watch all 18 minutes of this, but between Tom’s unique brand of commentary and the raw footage of him, Chase Hawk, Mike Saavedra, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley and Heath Pinter shredding Palm just before it was torn down, I found myself all the way at the end before I… Continue reading Tom Dugan Mic’d Up At The Palm Trails

Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

And here we have the Urkatu section from Compression’s Septembre DVD. Coming across this today is what tipped me off that I had missed the previous section. Anyway, it always tripped me out that they had a full on legitimate resi landing at Urkatu! Don’t think I’m hatin’, I would stunt the hell out of… Continue reading Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

An Afternoon At The Palm Trails

Fernando Gomarin Olaiz threw together this edit from a session that he caught down at the Palm Trails with Mike and Sal Saavedra, James Hughes, Stevo Sharp and Heath Pinter. That place is quite the SoCal hot spot right now. It’s cool to see that it’s lured some dudes from the streets in to partake… Continue reading An Afternoon At The Palm Trails

Re-Up: Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

I was really thinking that Red Bull’s Raditudes had completely ditched having trails footage in it this season until this Blue Bench episode dropped. Best thing about the episode is that Red Bull’s athletes aren’t even the focus of it. It’s pretty cool that they let Mike Saavedra and Blue Bench have the shine!