Reminder: Dig And Destroy Round 2 @ Woodward Tahoe

Round two of the Dig And Destroy Series is this Saturday at Woodward Tahoe, and you’re in for a treat if your headed there! Mike Saavedra, Richie Dagger, and Augie Adee have been busy dialing the jumps back in just in time for the event. Take a look at the picture below for a sampling… Continue reading Reminder: Dig And Destroy Round 2 @ Woodward Tahoe

Mike Saavedra Bike Check

That fine machine above belongs to none other than Blue Bench CEO Mike Saavedra. Jump over to Profile to catch up with what he’s rocking these days. I’ll give you a few hints. There’s a bunch of parts from Profile that have been attached to Deluxe’s soon to be released PA USA frame.

Lost Trails POV

And this is why I’m so psyched on the Lost Trails! Cruise the trails, and then it’s just 30 seconds from the end of the line to the beach. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Re-Up: Blaine’s Jam Edit #2

I’ve been having some major San Diego withdrawal symptoms as of late. You know, punching snowmen in the face, looking at jackets with extreme disgust, threatening to choke mother nature if I can somehow figure out how to get my hands around her neck, stuff like that. This edit from Blaine and Shawn’s has only… Continue reading Re-Up: Blaine’s Jam Edit #2