Mike Saavedra Bike Check

Another day, another chrome bike! This time it’s Mike Saavedra’s chromed out Deluxe. One of the great things about chrome is it’s durability. Mike’s been riding this setup for for a good while now and it still looks fresh. Head over to Profile for the parts run down and more pics.

Max Bimar Cruise at Riverside

I’ve been patiently waiting for more footage of Max’s trip to California to surface. Well here it is, and though I wish it was a little less POV and instead had more¬†footage that someone had filmed I’ll take what I can get. Max’s Sacre Bleu frame is finally available from Deluxe, and in here he… Continue reading Max Bimar Cruise at Riverside

Blue Bench Makeover

Mike Saavedra and the rest of the Blue Bench crew have been putting in some serious work. Apparently turning a whole section around so that it would flow better. ESPN has a video showing off all the work they had done prior to undertaking that huge project. Check it.