A Very GetaBMX Loosefest 2016 Edit

This is WAY more freeridey than what I usually post, but f*ck it, I’m psyched on Milan’s edit from Loosefest. On one hand I think it would be a blast to be getting whipped out on jumps this big, on the other I think it would completely ruin normal sized jumps for you.

GetaBMX – Lost Trails Session

I always get excited when I look through my feed and discover that Milan has dropped a new GetaBMX edit, especially when that edit is from the Lost Trails! This whole thing was filmed in just thirty minutes during a heavy international session at Lost with Milan’s crew, Lloret locals, visitors from Germany, and of… Continue reading GetaBMX – Lost Trails Session

GetaBMX – Running a BMX Website

A while back Milan over at GetaBMX shot over some questions to myself, The Union’s Kurt Hohberger, and Plus Size BMX’s Chris Olivier about what it’s like running a BMX website. As excited as I was to answer them, I was even more excited to see what the other guys had to say. I definitely… Continue reading GetaBMX – Running a BMX Website

GetaBMX – 2015

GetaBMX’s Milan Recknagel sure did do his fair share of getting around last year, as this 2015 highlights edit more than proves! Definitely not a bad way to get the week started, and it’s also a pretty good source of inspiration for laying out some solid traveling plans for 2016.

GetaBMX – So Big 3 (The Transitional Years)

Usually when I see that an edit is 20 minutes long, I think to myself that there’s no way I’m going to make it the whole way through. Not only did I make it through all 21 minutes and 37 seconds of this third release in GetaBMX’s “So Big” series, I actually went back and… Continue reading GetaBMX – So Big 3 (The Transitional Years)

K-Hole Jam 2015 Part 2

Here we have the second installment of GetaBMX’s K-Hole Jam edits. I was kind of curious as to how they were going to squeeze two edits out of one jam but Milan managed to pull it off. This edit is my favorite of the two though!