GetaBMX – 2015

GetaBMX’s Milan Recknagel sure did do his fair share of getting around last year, as this 2015 highlights edit more than proves! Definitely not a bad way to get the week started, and it’s also a pretty good source of inspiration for laying out some solid traveling plans for 2016.

GetaBMX – So Big 3 (The Transitional Years)

Usually when I see that an edit is 20 minutes long, I think to myself that there’s no way I’m going to make it the whole way through. Not only did I make it through all 21 minutes and 37 seconds of this third release in GetaBMX’s “So Big” series, I actually went back and… Continue reading GetaBMX – So Big 3 (The Transitional Years)

Pedro Linarejos – UK 1.0

This new one from Pedro Linarejos came with a disclaimer that it’s not an edit. If it’s not an edit, I don’t know what it is. What I do know is that it’s two and half minutes of him cruising Monkey Bumps and Bole Hills. I’ll let you decide what you want to call that.

Three Runs at Monkey Bumps

Monkey Bumps got some heavy mods over the winter, and after months of hard work Milan Recknagel is finally enjoying the fruits of his labor. Here are three quick POV runs through some of the lines to tide us over until he makes a proper edit (hint hint Milan). Spotted on GetaBMX.

So Big II

I’ve been waiting for this one from our friends at GetaBMX and today is a perfect day for it. Every year they put out an EP length all trails video, and So Big II is their offering to wrap up this year. Perfect viewing material for a rainy day here on the East Coast!