FBM X The Halahan Brothers – Pennsylvania Dirt!

This totally wasn’t planned but it looks like we’re going straight from the OG generation of the Pittsburgh trails scene straight into the youngest! It’s been awesome watching the Halahans grow over the years into the rippers that they are today. I’m stoked that Mike (their dad) has been keeping them on the right track… Continue reading FBM X The Halahan Brothers – Pennsylvania Dirt!

Chris Doyle – Kink Intervention Section

I saw Chris Doyle’s section from Kink’s Intervention video floating around other sites today and totally blanked on it having trails in it. Sorry D-Man! Hit play and you’re instantly treated to a run that only Chris could put together through Monroeville’s Chicane line.

Kink – Intervention

There’s been a ton of hype and leading up to Kink’s latest full length release, Intervention. Perhaps you caught the livestream premiere over the weekend. I was assuming that Doyle’s part would be the only speck of trails in it so I didn’t make it a priority to catch it on that first go around;… Continue reading Kink – Intervention

Rockstar Energy – Chris Doyle X Pittsburgh

I certainly wasn’t expecting to find a brand new Chris Doyle edit when I opened up my computer this evening! I’m damn sure not going to complain about it, and as a matter of fact I’m going to thank Rockstar for bringing it to us. Check out the D-Man doing what he does best at… Continue reading Rockstar Energy – Chris Doyle X Pittsburgh

Chris Doyle’s Local Spots

X Games brings us this look at the spots Chris Doyle frequents when he’s home and not out clicking those signature 360 turndowns somewhere else in the world. He gets things rolling with a Monroeville session, escapes the rain at The Wheel Mill, and finishes things off at Boyce. I don’t know if it was… Continue reading Chris Doyle’s Local Spots

Red Bull Wooden Rhythm

My ears perked right up when caught wind of Red Bull’s Urban Rhythm Competition that’s going down at The Wheel Mill on December 6th. Taking trail crews from around the region and having them battle it out for $1000 with choreographed trains sounds absolutely amazing. Especially considering that Posh, Catty, Heathens, and Monroeville are amongst… Continue reading Red Bull Wooden Rhythm

Chris Doyle – Pittsburgh to Bethlehem

Hell yeah, Doyle shredding it up at the TRA Double Cross, the Wheel Mill, some Pittsburgh park whose name is currently escaping me, and finally good ol’ Monroeville! I love that they took it straight back to the year 2000 with the soundtrack! You’ll have to click HERE to watch it since Empire doesn’t think… Continue reading Chris Doyle – Pittsburgh to Bethlehem

Monroeville POV

I went to Monroeville once. Unfortunately I was battling a hangover that would have crushed even the mighty Charlie Sheen, so riding my bike wasn’t really in the cards. God damn shitty cheap Pittsburgh beer.