Tomáš Kudrnáč – Trails 2016

Tomáš Kudrnáč, who I must say has an excellent taste when it comes to his choice of t-shirts, sure has been getting around lately. Vápenka, the MT Trails, Leipzig, Eastside, and the Wetlands, that’s the rundown of all the spots he rides in this new edit. Hopefully the dude has a good milage rewards program!… Continue reading Tomáš Kudrnáč – Trails 2016

MT Trails

I’m literally only posting this so that you all can join me in laughing at that case at 00:49! Seems like dude is just getting his first taste of trails. Hopefully he stays with it!

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MT Trails 2014

The guys at the MT Trails have been battling the weather for most of this year, but luckily they’ve managed to squeeze in a few good Fall sessions.