The Villij

Mutiny's new line of products are starting to become available worldwide including Robbo's new signature from "The Villij." This thing looks as clean as can be and is certainly ready for a life of ramping up the dirt mounds. Check out the specs after the jump and then make your way over to the Mutiny site for more pics of The Villij and their other new products. (more...)

Robbo x Matt Roe @ Villij

Lately I’ve been trying to hunt down pictures of Robbo’s new Villij frame from Mutiny that will be landing at shops any day now. I haven’t been all that successful with finding too many pics but my search did get me to thinking about this edit of Robbo and Mat Roe killing Villij. I can’t even believe it’s been three years since this came out!

LGM PA Trails

Can’t go wrong with this Mutiny Lets Get Mystical flashback. Robbo filmed in 16mm never looked so good. The fall time out East is some of the best times to ride east coast trails. The cold temps, along with the fall colors make for some nice filming conditions at your local trails.

Mutiny “Villij” Frame Coming in August

For the most part Mutiny has always had a trails frame in their lineup, and for that they have always had my respect. It looks like the "Villij" will be replacing the Robbo X Sekt frame that they released last year. The only info I have so far is this sticker placement sheet and that it will be released in August, but I'll keep you posted as I find out more.