R.I.P. Onmi Trails

For some reason the Omni Trails popped into my head just the other day. I realized that I hadn’t seen anything from them in quite a long time, and that lead me to wonder whether they were still going. Last night the answer to that showed up in my Instagram feed and it unfortunately it… Continue reading R.I.P. Onmi Trails

Omni Trail Jam 2013

Here’s a video from last weekend’s jam at the Omni Trails. I’m really glad that they were finally able to pull this thing off. There have been a ton of people complaining about the weather this season but I think the Omni Trails had it the worst. We’ll be dropping a gallery from the jam… Continue reading Omni Trail Jam 2013

Omni Trails – Sunday Bloody Sunday

It’s been a rough year for the Omni Trails. They’ve been trying to have a jam all summer but mother nature has had other plans. It looks like things are finally drying out and they are going to try to have their jam sometime in October. I’ve got my fingers crossed for them! Who else… Continue reading Omni Trails – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Postponed Again: Omni Trails Jam

The Omni Trails Jam that was supposed to be taking place this Sunday has once again been postponed! They have been having a rough time with the weather down there! They haven’t set a new date just yet, but we will post it up as soon as they do.

Omni Trails Jam

Remember the other day I said it was jam season? Well, here’s another one for you! The dudes down at the Omni Trails in Fayetteville, North Carolina are getting things dialed in for their jam on July 21st. It’s guaranteed to be a good time, and they are going to have some rad prizes to give… Continue reading Omni Trails Jam