Antics From Danny Dangits Backyard

Thirteen and a half minutes of antics and riding from PA Woods‘ classic Danny Daggits Backyard video. So much funny shit in here!

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Get Yourself Some PAWOODS DVDs!

Here’s a little belated Christmas present for anyone who’s wanted to get their hands on some of the older PAWOODS DVDs. “Save The Woods” (2007), “Danny Dangit’s Backyard” (2005), “PAWOODS” (2004) and “More Glitches Then That” (2001) are all now available to purchase for a mere $11.99 each. The PAWOODS site is where you’ll want… Continue reading Get Yourself Some PAWOODS DVDs!

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Re-Up: PA Woods 2016

Bumping this one back up to the top just for those of you making your way to the woods of Eastern Pennsylvania today to catch those final laps of the season!

PA Woods 2016

This is exactly what I needed to brighten the mood after an exceptionally long and taxing Monday! I can’t state enough how glad I am that Janis has gotten back into making videos!

PA Woods – Short Attention Span Theater

I got to say that I’ve been loving all these more lighthearted edits that people have been making this year. Never in a million years did I ever think that I’d be watching something from PA Woods with a Rihanna and Calvin Harris soundtrack, but here it is, and I’m into it!

PA Woods 2015 Web Video #2

I’m stoked to see that we didn’t have too wait long for Janis’ next PA Woods edit to come out! Of course the whole thing is awesome, but that Jay Bone clip at the end, OOOH WEEE! Less reading and more hitting play!