Tom Dugan Mic’d Up At The Palm Trails

I really wasn’t expecting to actually watch all 18 minutes of this, but between Tom’s unique brand of commentary and the raw footage of him, Chase Hawk, Mike Saavedra, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley and Heath Pinter shredding Palm just before it was torn down, I found myself all the way at the end before I… Continue reading Tom Dugan Mic’d Up At The Palm Trails

R.I.P. Palm Trails

Unfortunately the curtains have fallen on Riverside, California’s Palm Trails. Definitely bummed to see that yet another spot is no more, and especially one as unique as Palm. Usually I steer away from posting vloggy shit but Dylan Stark used this one to document the final session that went down early in the morning before… Continue reading R.I.P. Palm Trails

An Afternoon At The Palm Trails

Fernando Gomarin Olaiz threw together this edit from a session that he caught down at the Palm Trails with Mike and Sal Saavedra, James Hughes, Stevo Sharp and Heath Pinter. That place is quite the SoCal hot spot right now. It’s cool to see that it’s lured some dudes from the streets in to partake… Continue reading An Afternoon At The Palm Trails