Powers Bike Shop @ Panamoka

This year I finally made it to Long Island but the one set of trails I didn’t get to was Panamoka. My buddy Chad from Powers Bike Shop made it a little further down the LIE than I did and was rewarded with a solid Moka session.

Nick Steben Fall 2012

C-Beef finally decided to put an edit together from the clips he had laying around from some Fall sessions on Long Island. I don’t know about you, but seeing stuff like this makes me even more anxious for Fall to get here.

The Ultimate Drainage Guide

Matthew Stadler from the Panamoka Trails composed one hell of a guide that covers pretty much any and everything you need to know about drainage. I particularly like the names that he has for stuff, especially “yoda hole” and “reach around.” Check it out over on Trailrambling and then go get your drainage worked out!

Demolition X QBP Northeast Trails Trip Flipbook

Joey Cobbs was on hand to shoot photos to go along with the awesome footage from the Demolition X QBP Trip. Hop over to Demolition and check out the flipbook they just put together with those photos and interviews from all the guys on the trip.