Blueprint – Friends Section

While it may not be all trails, there’s more than enough NW soil in this friends section from 2001’s Blueprint video to make it a suitable flashback post for this week. I had to skip back a couple times to rewatch Darin Read’s candy bar to no footed can can! Spotted on Snakebite

NW in the NE

You may have noticed that there was a slight interruption in the Yuengling supply chain a couple of weeks ago. That can all be chalked up to the invasion of dudes from the Northwest that recently paid the Northeast a visit for a week. Besides drinking ungodly amounts of PA’s finest lager, they also shredded… Continue reading NW in the NE

Building the Underground – Mix 2

There’s no way I could hold off until Friday to post this! It has to have been at least ten years since I last saw Building the Underground. I remember watching it for the first time and being blown away that the Pacific Northwest had a trail scene very similar to what we had going… Continue reading Building the Underground – Mix 2