Pauly Cvikevich in Slow Motion

Jon Lynn sent through this quick slowmo video that he put together of Pauly Cvikevich styling through Keyko. I can honestly say that I actually don’t mind this slowmo vid; I’d even go as far as to say I like it!

DIG – Does A Broken Planet Equal Better Trails?

Keith Terra has a piece up on DIG discussing whether or not a broken planet (pertaining to the seasons) makes for better trails. Without jacking their piece and going off on my own tangent about it, I’ll register my two cents with a simple “No.” Head on over to DIG for Terra’s take on the… Continue reading DIG – Does A Broken Planet Equal Better Trails?

Steady Rollin- Trails Edit

I laughed the other day when a kid told me that he had ordered up some Comp IIIs so he could come ride the trails. Well with videos like this I think it’s safe to say that¬†Tioga is back in the game.¬†Eric Hennessey, Adam Guilliams, Garrett Guilliams, John Skvarla, Pauly Cvikevich, Dave King, and Ekim… Continue reading Steady Rollin- Trails Edit