Atlanta Trail Jammin’

It seems like the wind was the common enemy at quite a number of jams this fall. With it blowing 20+ out of the northwest, they were definitely battling it at this one down in the ATL. From the looks of this edit from Peter Hammond, they didn’t let it put a damper on the… Continue reading Atlanta Trail Jammin’

Busch Valley

I love when people take an out of the box approach to coming up with lines. I think Peter Hammond hit the nail right on the head when he described this run that Dan McCarthy carved into a ravine as “the rollercoaster known as Busch Valley”!

Durango Woods 2014

Peter Hammond made the journey out to the woods of Durango, Colorado to check out the trails that share the same name. It’s always good to see what Chris is up to out there. One of these days I’m going to have to make it out there to check it out myself.

Savage Woods Right Line

It’s been a good bit since I’ve seen something new from Peter Hammond. I’m glad he’s back with another look at the right line at the woods they call Savage.

ATL Trail Jam

Peter Hammond made the trip out to Atlanta for their jam and this is what he came back with. I really need to make it down there to check out the trails. I spent some time in the ATL back in the late 90s and it would be pretty cool ride some Georgia clay again.


Peter Hammond is a one man trail building machine as this time lapse very well shows! I’m intrigued by his brooming technique even though it probably won’t work with my dirt.

DC’s November Session

There are a couple of scary looking threes in this one! Peter Hammond made the trip up to North Mississippi for a session at DC Thompson’s trails. It’s always worth the drive if you can ride trails in November!

Savages Day of Roast

Peter Hammond is having a jam at the Savage Woods to celebrate his birthday. If you’re going to be anywhere near Jackson, Mississippi on September 9th you should definitely check it out! Full flyer after the jump.