Lloret Trails Crew – Cruising

The Lloret Trails Crew consisting of Joan Balmaña, Ricky Grimal, Cristian Rodriguez, Benito Garrido and Sergio Barroso have spent the last couple of years splitting their time between building at their own spot and traveling Europe riding others. They decided that it was finally time to do something with all the footage that they’ve accumulated,… Continue reading Lloret Trails Crew – Cruising

Justin Fouque

I saw this Justin Fouque edit from Soul posted around yesterday but it didn’t even occur to me that there might be some trails in it. Something told me to check it this morning and sure enough there’s a minute long section from Peynier and El Cable. 00:38 is where it kicks in!

2014 Vans Kill the Line Test Run

With the news that Vans Kill the Line wouldn’t be happening again until 2016, I really wasn’t expecting to see any new Kill the Line related content for another year and half. Peynier BMX surprised me though with this POV test run that Bérenger Cordier took last year. I’m pretty interested to see what they… Continue reading 2014 Vans Kill the Line Test Run