CMB Trails – Octobiker Fest

I had never even heard of Quebec’s CMB Trails until I spotted this cinematic edit from their Octobiker Fest Jam over on PSBMX this morning. Octobiker Fest sounds like the working title of a biker gang themed gang bang porno staring Octomom. I’m just saying!

GetaBMX – Running a BMX Website

A while back Milan over at GetaBMX shot over some questions to myself, The Union’s Kurt Hohberger, and Plus Size BMX’s Chris Olivier about what it’s like running a BMX website. As excited as I was to answer them, I was even more excited to see what the other guys had to say. I definitely… Continue reading GetaBMX – Running a BMX Website

Red Bull – Berm Burners Pittsburgh

I can’t even believe Clint Reynolds got burned by the berm at the Pittsburgh stop of Red Bull’s Berm Burners. Try saying that five times fast! I also got to take a second to call out Mark Potoczny out for trying to jump the gate! That easily could have been another OTB right there! Good… Continue reading Red Bull – Berm Burners Pittsburgh

RIP Post Office Jam

Here’s quite possibly the last edit we’ll see from the final jam at the Post Office Jumps. Chris from PSBMX made his way out there to pay his final respects, and he made sure that he grabbed plenty of footage!

Outlaws Of Dirt (& Wood) at 5050 Skatepark

Here’s the first video that I’ve come across from the Outlaws of Dirt contest that went down over the weekend at the 5050 Skatepark. After hearing the space constraints, I was skeptical as to if they were going to be able to pull it off. They made it happen though!