Welcome Back to Jefferson State – Marcus O’Brien

Another week brings us another section from “Welcome Back to Jefferson State.” This week it’s POW head honcho Marcus O’Brien’s part. You would think following Midget Cory’s part would be tough, but Marcus has no problem keeping the action rolling right along. Want a copy of “Welcome Back to Jefferson State” for your own personal collection? You can grab one HERE.

Welcome Back to Jefferson State – Midget Cory Walters

Midget Cory without question does the most ridiculous 360s in BMX. His part in the POW’s “Welcome Back to Jefferson State” is loaded with them, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s my favorite part in the DVD. Speaking of the DVD, it’s slowly but surely making it’s way online. Head over to the STORE if you want to grab yourself a physical copy. Do it quick though because we only have two left!

Welcome Back To Jefferson State Intro

The intro from the POW’s “Welcome Back To Jefferson State” DVD is the first section to make its way online. Hopefully most of you all have a copy of the DVD and have seen this already. You’ve been missing out if not! We have four copies left, so hit up the store if you want to grab one before they’re all gone. I even marked them down cause I like you guys!

Free Shipping In The Store

The fact that we are coming up on CYDI's 2nd birthday has me feeling a bit generous. What that means for you all is that I made a couple of sweet promo codes to use in the store. STEEZTHATWHIP gets you free shipping anywhere in the world. There is a catch though! It's only good for shipping rates up to $5.00. That will cover everything we currently have in there for those of you in the US. Since I can't afford to cover the cost of shipping the larger items internationally, I made a code just for you all. POWERCASE will take a cool 5 bucks off of your order. Don't wait too long though cause the codes expire at the end of the week. Definitely don't wait long if you want a copy of the POW's DVD or a shirt! There are only a few of those left!

Hey International Friends!

We want everyone to be able to get a copy of the POW'S badass "Welcome Back To Jefferson State!" without having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. International shipping for the DVD in it's plastic case is right around $17. That's way too much, and almost as much as the video itself! We are offering the choice to have the DVD shipped in a cardboard sleeve instead of the plastic case. That gets the international shipping price down to a much more tolerable $3.00. Just select "No Plastic Case" when you checkout of the CYDI store and you'll save yourself some money. Act quick though because we only have five copies left!