Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

I already had something picked out for this week’s flashback, then Joe had to go and mess up those plans by posting this gem on Veloup. I really hope one day he does eventually upload all the Prettyshady stuff with some words about each section. I can’t even believe that it’s seriously been a decade since some of those videos came out. Click here for his thoughts on this one.

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Interview: Prettyshady Joe

I’m not sure when or even how I first came across Prettyshady. What I do know is that once I did it became the site that I religiously checked every time I got on the computer. At the time it seemed like every other BMX site was solely concerned with videos of the latest grind or ones showing that someone had been able to kick their bike around another time. Prettyshady was different and posted videos that I wanted to see. While trails had all but fallen off of the radar of other sites, Prettyshady was often updated with videos…

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