Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

I already had something picked out for this week’s flashback, then Joe had to go and mess up those plans by posting this gem on Veloup. I really hope one day he does eventually upload all the Prettyshady stuff with some words about each section. I can’t even believe that it’s seriously been a decade… Continue reading Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

Prettyshady Three Advert

I’ve been looking for this for months so that I could put it up as a flashback post. After getting beyond frustrated with no being able to find it, I did what I should have done in the first place and just asked Joe. He had to do a bit of digging himself but eventually… Continue reading Prettyshady Three Advert

Jason Cousins

I saw this on Prettyshady and was psyched to see those mysterious Oz trails again, but then I noticed something. The dude is riding an ALUMINUM GT Speed Series race bike! Actually I think ripping is a more appropriate word than riding in this case. Well that dude is Jason Cousins and I remember seeing a post… Continue reading Jason Cousins

Joe’s Garden in the Summer

Prettyshady Joe has a pretty awesome little setup in his yard! I wonder what’s the most laps someone has done back there?