Proper – RTG Trail Bonus

I’ve literally never watched any of those Ride To Glory things due to my assumption that they were all street. I guess I was wrong since┬áProper just uploaded this bonus trail edit from the RTG from way back in 2008. It’s six years old so the video quality isn’t that great, the bars are tiny,… Continue reading Proper – RTG Trail Bonus

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Max Wood – The Trawlerman Edit

Proper‘s Max Wood filmed this edit to promote his signature “Trawlerman” frame. It’s mostly street but has about 30 seconds of trails goodness in the middle. The whole edit is pretty good, but skip ahead to 01:26 if you want to get right to the trails.

Dan Figg Bike Check and Interview

Proper‘s Dan Figg has a bike check and interview up on The Union. ┬áThis dude rocks 48’s and apparently was still running “little bars” up until three weeks ago!