PSA Trails Last Orders

As much as I love seeing any footage from the PSA Trails, this is bittersweet. Unfortunately this very well could be the last edit from PSA before the army razes the place. It’s such a shame when the outside world fails to recognize the beauty and value of a place like this.

Flying with the Dogg.

Man I love Digger’s videos! His musical choices are always unexpected, yet somehow right on point. He went and got himself a drone and quickly set about terrorizing anyone riding PSA to make this latest edit.

Vinewood and Some White Shit

Try as I might, I really can’t beat Digger’s description for this Vinewood and PSA video he put together from old clips just for Boyd. “Some old footage to cheer up Mr Boyd . Poor bugger is in Canada and has no one to ride with. HA! What a loser”

Dimitris’ UK Trails Trip 2014

I always wondered if that wild berm at Dagger ever took people out. Now I know that it most certainly does. Luckily Dimitris survived the collision and was able to keep on keeping on with his UK trails trip. He’s also lucky he survived the starts to the runs at the very end. That was… Continue reading Dimitris’ UK Trails Trip 2014

Something Fishy

A few days ago I pegged PSA as my second favorite white dirt trails behind Woodyard. Apparently they weren’t having any of that cause they whipped up this crankflip (yes crankflip!) filled edit to try to sway my favor back their way. I think it worked!