Deluxe PA USA & Welcome Bars Available Now

FINALLY! Deluxe’s PA USA frames and Welcome bars are available now. QBMX has them in stock now and they’ll stare showing up in shops and mail orders over the next few days. Get em before they’re gone!

Mark Mulville Bike Check #873

I’m almost 100% positive that Mark has had more bike checks than any other trail rider out there. Jump over to QBMX to peep his latest set up along with some pics of him roasting on it.

Jackson Allen Bike Check

Jackson Allen has one damn fine looking FBM Steadfast, and you can check it out along with some photos of Jackson shredding it over on the QBMX site.

Steve Crandall Bike Check

Lots of FBM/Crandall related post today! Homeboy has a bike check over on QBMX where you can get a close up look at his fine looking Steadfast build. Head over THERE and have a peek, and don’t forget that we now have FBM’s Steadfast in the CYDI Store!

Garrett Guilliams Bike Check

Head over to the QBMX site to check out Garrett Guilliams’ fresh new FBM. You better believe that thing is going to see a lot more roast than the average bike! There are a few photos mixed in with the bike check that will show you just what I mean.

QBMX Hits the Track

Winter has a firm lock on Minnesota right now so a bunch of the guys at QBMX decided to hit an indoor track to get their dirt fill. Head over to the QBMX site for a boat load of pics of them bangin’ bars with each other and local six year old hotshots on the… Continue reading QBMX Hits the Track

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Talking with Kris Fox

Kris sits down with QBMX and talks about everything from getting into BMX, quitting racing, the Red Bull R.Evolution track, and being stoked on getting to witness Chris Doyle do a three invert in the woods. Stoked on this guy even more after this interview!

Demolition X QBP Northeast Trails Trip Flipbook

Joey Cobbs was on hand to shoot photos to go along with the awesome footage from the Demolition X QBP Trip. Hop over to Demolition and check out the flipbook they just put together with those photos and interviews from all the guys on the trip.