Reality Czech Photo Gallery

DIG gives you a look into the Czech trails scene via a gallery of photos shot by Milan Tykal and captioned by Eric Hennessey that I would highly recommend checking out. Henny traveled was over there back in September with Garrett Ginch for the Řáholec Jam and they got the full trails tour. Click HERE… Continue reading Reality Czech Photo Gallery

Řáholec Jam

Here we have the first video that I’ve come across from last month’s Řáholec Jam at the L.E.S. Trails. The Czechs know how to throw one hell of a jam, so as expected this shit looks like it was an absolute blast. The foot race through (or should I say over) the line had me… Continue reading Řáholec Jam

Řáholec Jam 2017

Bikes, beer, bands, contest, and this year two very special guest. The L.E.S. Trail’s Řáholec Jam is always pretty spectacular, but for this tenth running of it Garrett Ginch and Eric Hennessey will be there bringing the stoke level up to unimaginable new heights! This definitely will be one that you won’t want to miss,… Continue reading Řáholec Jam 2017

Řáholec Jam 2016 Official Video

I was starting to think that a video from the Řáholec Jam wasn’t ever going to materialize! Luckily this one did, and as expected the jam looked like it was one hell of a party. They even had beer taps out there!

Řáholec Jam Leftovers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Czechs sure do know how to throw one hell of a jam! I’m almost 100% positive that more than a few attendees of the Řáholec Jam went home with alcohol poisoning as a souvenir!

Řáholec Jam 2015 Video

I’ve seen plenty of events held at jams over the years but never a tug of war using a tree instead of a rope! You can check that out along with a bunch of other craziness in this edit from this year’s Řáholec Jam at L.E.S.

Řáholec Jam 2015

My friend Pavel hit me up about the Řáholec Jam that’s going down at the L.E.S. Trails in the Czech Republic on September 5th. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing CYDI and seeing jam videos from the Czech Republic, it’s that those dudes know how to put on a jam! I can’t wait… Continue reading Řáholec Jam 2015