Dirt Dogs – Episode 3

Serious crashes are taken and records are set in this final episode of Dirt Dogs. I can’t even believe that Jed got up after a few of those hits! Some of the noises that come from him and his bike hitting the ground sound like he’s doing battle with ninjas.

Dirt Dogs – Episode 2

Speaking of giant jumps, here’s the second episode of Dirt Dogs. Now that the jumps are done it’s time for Jed and Gypsy to get down to business testing them out. Why in the world someone would attempt to double flip something like this after only their third jump is beyond me!

Red Bull Dirt Dogs Trailer

Red Bull has another series dropping soon called Dirt Dogs, where Jed Mildon (triple backflip guy) and a dude who goes by the name of Gypsy “build the biggest dirt jumps ever.” I can only imagine how out of hand this is going to get!