Red Bull R.Evolution Highlights

This is probably all you’re going to get from me from the R.Evolution race. I’ve lost interest until they figure out how to build a track that is too gnarly for people to run clips, carbon forks, and kooky shit like that. Please take note of the seat post at 00:20!


Red Bull R.Evolution is tomorrow and I can’t help but be reminded of Helltrack from Rad. How awesome would it be if they built an exact replica of Helltrack for the next one! I know I’m not the only one who still has dreams of taking a lap around that thing!

Red Bull R.Evolution Obstacles

I definitely don’t agree with the statement that they make in here claiming “the first ever wooden section on a BMX track.” I’ve definitely seen some races from the 80’s that had whole straights made out of wood. Whoever wrote that must also not be familiar with the “Cliffhanger” from Rad.

Talking with Kris Fox

Kris sits down with QBMX and talks about everything from getting into BMX, quitting racing, the Red Bull R.Evolution track, and being stoked on getting to witness Chris Doyle do a three invert in the woods. Stoked on this guy even more after this interview!

Red Bull R.Evolution Results

1st Twan Van Gent (Netherlands) 2nd Corben Sharrah (USA) 3rd Mike Day (Usa) 4th Simon Duchene (France) 5th Luke Madill (Australia) 6th Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (Columbia) 7th Sylvain Andre (France) 8th Darryn Goodwin (Australia)