Hucker Is A Crazy Ass Mofo

As if the jumps aren’t crazy enough, Hucker takes it to a whole new level! A foot blowing off on the set before won’t stop him from flipping the next one. This would be impressive under normal circumstances, but it’s particularly insane when you’re dealing with jumps this big. Oh and then there’s the whole playing with and almost getting bit by a deadly tiger snake. Dude is out of his mind.

Behind Red Bull Urban Rhythm

Well it’s about damn time! The official video from Red Bull’s Urban Rhythm is finally here and it not only shows you the event but also what went into making it happen. I was down there for it and when I woke up in the morning and saw how hard it was raining I all but wrote it off. They managed to get stuff dried out in time and even though it was cold (thank god I took my hand warmer) and a bit misty the event went off without a hitch.

Red Bull Trail Loop

I’ve been waiting for this to drop! Rumors about Hucker doing a mid rhythm full loop started surfacing a few months ago but it wasn’t until today that we got visual evidence. So who’s going to step up and build one of these this winter? After you get done watching the video make sure you check out the photo gallery!