Wizard of Aus 12

In the season finale of Wizard of Aus Corey hits up the NORA awards, talks some shit on those triples contest, and heads back to Heath Pinter’s trails to film a commercial for ION. I’m bummed the season is over! When it started there seemed to be a lot of  web series coming out, but… Continue reading Wizard of Aus 12

Wizard of Aus 9

Damn you Chevy and your product placement! The episode is pretty good aside from continually having to look at that POS Sonic. Corey visits the kiddies at Woodward West, rides Heath Pinter’s spot, and then hits Luke Parslow’s “It Is What It Is Jam”.

Wizard Of Aus 8

If I’ve learned anything from these last two episodes, it’s that the Czechs know how to do it right.

Wizard of Aus 7

This is my favorite episode so far, even though it starts with Corey learning how to perform an “indian giver” in a Chevy Sonic. Once you get through that you get a peek at the Prague nightlife and trail scene.

Wizard of Aus 6

There’s a lot of  web reality shows floating around these days but Corey Bohan’s “Wizard of Aus” is the only one I get excited to watch. This one is packed with tons of riding from Red Bull’s Empire of Dirt and from Stephen Murray’s Stay Strong Jam. We also learn that Corey is indeed human as… Continue reading Wizard of Aus 6