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The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2016

My apologies for the delay! Maybe one day I’ll finally realize that I need to start the whole process of picking these out well before the end of the year rolls around. I thought I’d be able to hammer it out right at the beginning of January, but between traveling and being busy with a bunch of other stuff, I never had the time to fully devote to sitting down and giving this the attention it deserves. So, here we are, damn near the end of February and we’re just now taking a look back on what I thought were…

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Re-Up: Fortune Favours The Brave II

I still can’t get enough of this one! I have to sincerely thank Remy Archer for creating this amazingly refreshing take on a trails edit. It’s been keeping myself and a lot of others beyond stoked since it came out last week!

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Fortune Favours The Brave II

To me this edit embodies everything I love about trails! Working your ass off with your friends to build things that will put a smile on your faces, traveling with those same friends in search of fun and adventure, and all the while pushing each other to keep the level of riding and stoke at an absolute maximum. Remy Archer deserves a whole shitload of high fives for putting this masterpiece together! Definitely check out the first “Fortune Favours the Brave” from a few years ago HERE if you missed it.

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