Cookin in Kamloops

Some of the Rev Trails crew went a little road trip that ended at a very interesting backyard trails setup. It may as well be on the side of the mountain! The whole trip looked like fun but if you want to get straight to the backyard trails then jump ahead to 03:40.

Don’t Give a Damn Jam!

I’m just taking a stab here but I’m guessing Canada Day is like America’s Fourth of July. To me there’s no better way to celebrate the Fourth than with a good trail jam (and some explosives). That said, it makes perfect sense for our brothers up north to celebrate their day in a similar fashion.… Continue reading Don’t Give a Damn Jam!

Life’s Hard – Summer Daze – Vol 2

Volume 2 in the Life’s Hard – Summer Daze series is very much like Volume 1 in that it features a ton of ass kicking Northwest riding. I love how the trails up there all have that perfectly damp and mossy look!

Rev Trails with Bruno

I don’t know much about Bruno, and that really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the rad style with which he flows through the Rev Trails. That and the fact that I once again beat the Rev Trails guys to posting a video that’s from their own trails. Winning!

Rev Trails Canada Day Jam Teaser

There’s a two day jam this weekend at the Rev Trails to celebrate Canada Day and they put together this little teaser to get people psyched up. Looks like it’s going to be a good time so check it out if you’re up that way.

Rev Trails 2012 Assassins of the Shred

I have to give Kurt over at The Union credit for spotting this one. All of the good times from last summer at the Rev Trails condensed into twelve and a half minutes of metal fueled goodness!