Ask Back Bone – Can I Ride Your Trails?

Ask Back Bone Wednesday is back and the submitted question they picked to answer this week is, “Can I ride your trails?”. The trails in question are the Hillfire Trails that we’ve become quite familiar with from many a Back Bone edit and from their video. Those trails are pretty gnarly and I’m surprised that… Continue reading Ask Back Bone – Can I Ride Your Trails?

Tyson Jones-Peni – Steady Vloggin 3

Tyson Jones-Peni is back with another episode in his vlog series. Nothing but trails with this one, with him and Rhysty putting the finishing touches on a new lip at Hillfire, some early morning laps, and some real world product testing of a new size of United’s Indirect tire.

Review: The Back Bone Video

Full length BMX DVD releases are becoming fewer and farther between with each passing year, and those with trails in them have become rarer than hen’s teeth. The trails community collectively popped a boner when Back Bone announced that they were going to be releasing a full length DVD. Anyone that knows anything about Back… Continue reading Review: The Back Bone Video

The Back Bone Video Available in the Store!

I couldn’t be more stoked to announce that we have The Back Bone Video available for pre-order in the store. They’ll be landing here early next week, and we’ll be shipping them out as soon as we get our hands on them! You can also expect a full review as soon as I get eyes… Continue reading The Back Bone Video Available in the Store!