Profile – Ricky Moseley Swell Colorway

It’s been about a year since Profile last introduced one of their wild team rider signature colorways. Lima had the last one with his “Paisley” wrapped parts, and now it’s Ricky Moseley’s turn with this incredible “Swell” colorway that features his very own wave photography. It will be available on July 13th on mini hub… Continue reading Profile – Ricky Moseley Swell Colorway

Boozer Jam 2016 Ryan Guettler brings us this first video look at last weekend’s Boozer Jam. The turnout was huge, with riders multiple generations of riders coming out to Sheep Hills to support Mike “Boozer” Brown. Hopefully the HD version of the video won’t be as jumpy for you as it was for me. I just about… Continue reading Boozer Jam 2016

Profile Matte Water Camo Parts

This is¬†Ricky Moseley’s signature matte water colorway that Profile is working on, and surprisingly I don’t hate it. It won’t be available until spring and quantities will be very limited, but you can preorder them now if you holler at our friends over at Powers Bike Shop!

Ricky Moseley’s Section from “The Hunt”

Ok, so what you need to know about this is that it has a good number of clips from Blue Bench starting at 01:13. I’m not one to not post something that has Blue Bench footage so I’m throwing this up. After you watch that first round of clips you can skip ahead to 02:04… Continue reading Ricky Moseley’s Section from “The Hunt”

Cory’s Corner Episode 2

Just last week I was wondering what happened to Cory’s Corner. I figured that they had scrapped it but I guess not. Episode two is from a spot that I’ve heard about but have never made it down to check out. ¬†Though they constantly refer to it as Colin Mackay’s trails, Ipswitch has been around… Continue reading Cory’s Corner Episode 2