X Games Dirt Highlights

So X Games Dirt has made its triumphant return to US Soil. Dave King was in charge of building the course and I think he came up with a pretty good one. If you didn’t land decent on the second to last set you were pretty much ass out for the last one. There was a fair amount of panic pedaling going on and even more power cases. Nyquist cased so hard that he got ejected over his bars and all the way to the bottom of the landing. Even more impressive was Pat Casey’s 10/90 case. It wasn’t a 10/90 with his bike though, it was with his face! I might be being a bit overgenerous saying that 10% of his face made it over the landing because it really was pretty much only a hand and an eyelash. Somehow dude survived. Aside front the last set carnage the other highlight for me was Clint not only being in the X Games but making finals. I just wish they showed more than one of his runs. Oh well, that’s tv. (more…)

Texas Toast Dirt Finals & Reults

I’ve been to a shit ton of dirt contest in my day but this one at Texas Toast has been the absolute best. You could actually feel the excitement and energy in the air as it was going down. Chris Childs came away with the well deserved win, and thank god he did because there would have probably been riots if he didn’t! You can check out the full results after the jump.  (more…)

One Legged Tuck No Hander

I spotted this picture over on Ride and all I can say is WOW. I think Fudger hit the nail right on the head with his description. "When you catch yourself complaining that your frame is too short or that you don’t like your bars, just think of this kid in Colombia, who’s roasting a no-hander on some beat up bike with one-fucking-leg. Julian is the man."  Ride also has a video of him busting this out so head over there and peep it!

Update: Dirt Back in the X Games, No Longer a Maybe

Well I wasn't going to say anything about this since Dave has since taken down the pictures he posted on Instagram, but since Ride is running with it I'll go ahead and do it. Dirt MIGHT be IS back in the X Games! Well the Brazilian X Games at least. Big whoop right? Though it's just the Brazilian X Games it's one step closer to it being in the main X Games. I'm not even into seeing a bunch of tricks that originated from foam pits but I really don't matter. The people that do matter are the kids potentially watching the contest and getting stoked on bmx. Since dirt was removed the only bmx'n kids tuned into the X Games have seen is street, vert and MEGA ramp. The last two of those have limited accessibility for the average kid. Street though is easily accessible, and the correlation between its growth and its inclusion in the X Games can't be denied. Hopefully having dirt back in the BIG show would have a similar effect and get kids interested in dirt jumping. Though for the most part kids today are lazy little shits, hopefully some of the less lazy ones will get psyched and go out and build a jump. Then hopefully that jump turns into two jumps, three jumps, and so on. Or maybe kids will get interested and go hunt out some jumps/trails in their town and become part of that scene. The lack of new blood at trails these days is pretty undeniable so anything that could potentially change that is fine by me. The X Games is basically just a huge event who's sole purpose is to make money, but as much as that sucks it does have the potential to do good. Hell it was responsible for me really getting into riding. Though I always rode and built little jumps as a kid it wasn't until I saw the dirt contest at the first X Games that I discovered that there were not only other people doing the same I was doing but doing it on a whole nother level. Check out the X Games press release and Skrillex approved promo here.