The Kore Store

The Kore Store is Robbo’s store in Loughborough, England. I think it’s been open right around a year now selling BMX and skateboard goods. The first few minutes of this edit shows the shop from the very beginnings as well as a bit of skating. It gets really interesting (for me at least) from the 03:16 mark on as it heads away from the city and into the hallowed woods of Villij.

Catty Jam Photo Gallery

The Halloween Jam at Catty was off the hook! So many people showed up and the costumes had me laughing all day! Who knew that you could ride horses at the trails? I have to say that the jam will definitely go down as one of the best that I've ever been to. A few people put down their bikes long enough to shoot some photos and video, including Angel Rodriguez who has a gallery up on Trailsrambling that is a must see. Big thanks to the Catty locals for putting on such a rad shindig! I'm already looking forward to next year!