Demolition Northwest Trip Gallery & Interviews

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few days. Internet has been spotty where I’m at and that’s made looking at things pretty tough. We’ll be back up to full speed tomorrow, but until then make your way over to the Demolition site for some interviews and a photo gallery from their NW… Continue reading Demolition Northwest Trip Gallery & Interviews

Demoliton Northwest Trails Trip

Demolition switched things up this year and headed to the Northwest for their trails trip. I was actually expecting this to be mostly skatepark footage with how much rain they encountered on the road. I’m happy to say that that’s not the case, and other than a few clips from a concrete park this is… Continue reading Demoliton Northwest Trails Trip

Ronnie Napolitan Combat Bar Video

Ronnie is one of the best underrated riders out their. Take a look at this video it has everything you need, even a run at Catty Woods  @ 01:20 into the video. Full details here

Demolition X QBP Northeast Trails Trip Flipbook

Joey Cobbs was on hand to shoot photos to go along with the awesome footage from the Demolition X QBP Trip. Hop over to Demolition and check out the flipbook they just put together with those photos and interviews from all the guys on the trip.