Flashback: Sekt – Mix Edit

I’ve always been a huge fan of Doug Foulke’s edits. There’s just something about them that truly captures the pure essence of riding trails. I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to post for a flashback edit this week, that was until I randomly stumbled back across this Sekt Mix from half… Continue reading Flashback: Sekt – Mix Edit

Flashback: DC Shoes UK Team – Pennsylvania Trails Trip

Remember when DC Shoes had a BMX team, and even a UK BMX team that was full of trail dudes? How about when they sent those trail dudes on the UK team to Pennsylvania for a trails trip? And what about when they made an edit from the trip and set it to a song… Continue reading Flashback: DC Shoes UK Team – Pennsylvania Trails Trip

Epsom Trails 2014

I love waking up and finding stuff like this in my inbox. Epsom is very high on the list of places that I want to visit one day. It looks like an absolute blast to ride and the crew of guys out there keeping the place rolling are legendary. 2014 may have started off a… Continue reading Epsom Trails 2014