Credence Down Under

The Credence Crew along with Stew Johnson are currently down in Australia filming for a project.┬áTyson Jones-Peni fired off some snaps of them and a few friends roasting some laps at Jared Carter’s spot. It’s not too often that pics surface from there, so I highly suggest you immediately make your way over to the… Continue reading Credence Down Under

Stowaway – A Day at the Trails

I was beginning to wonder when the video of Stowaway‘s day at the Kerr’s (both Will and Chris’) trails was going to show up. See Will I learned! Sorry inside joke! Anyway I’ve been anxiously waiting for this ever since seeing the flipbook Stowaway dropped a couple weeks ago. It was WELL worth the wait!… Continue reading Stowaway – A Day at the Trails

Stowaway At the Trails

The Kerr’s trails are on the list of places that I one day hope to visit. I’m really not sure when that will actually happen, but hopefully someday it will! The Stowaway crew recently made a trip out there, and as luck would have it the wind was minimal, food and beers were in abundance,… Continue reading Stowaway At the Trails