The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2014

About this time last year I sat down and compiled a list of The Top 10 Trails Web Edits of 2013 (according to me). It wasn’t easy to whittle all of 2013’s edits down to just ten but I was happy with the final list. A few weeks ago I decided that I would keep… Continue reading The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2014

Tyson Jones-Peni’s United T.R.U.

Here we have yet another United T.RU. (Trail Riders United) ¬†frame being tested out in the real world. This one belongs to Tyson Jones-Peni, and it’s a toss up as to whether I like this green or the brown one that Ryan Lloyd is riding better. What are your thoughts?

Ryan Lloyd’s United Trails Frame?

I’m not 100% certain but I’m pretty sure this pic that Ryan posted on his¬†Instagram is of one of the prototype trails frames that United is working on. I’m liking how this thing is shaping up! How good does that color look? Reminds me of a color The Take did back in the day.