An Afternoon At The Palm Trails

Fernando Gomarin Olaiz threw together this edit from a session that he caught down at the Palm Trails with Mike and Sal Saavedra, James Hughes, Stevo Sharp and Heath Pinter. That place is quite the SoCal hot spot right now. It’s cool to see that it’s lured some dudes from the streets in to partake… Continue reading An Afternoon At The Palm Trails

Re-Up: Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

I was really thinking that Red Bull’s Raditudes had completely ditched having trails footage in it this season until this Blue Bench episode dropped. Best thing about the episode is that Red Bull’s athletes aren’t even the focus of it. It’s pretty cool that they let Mike Saavedra and Blue Bench have the shine!

Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

This season of Red Bull’s Raditudes hasn’t had any trails in it up until now. I’m just going to say that they more than made up for it with this episode. Any Blue Bench footage is guaranteed to be good, but Blue Bench footage with Sergio Layos, Corey Bohan and Hucker riding the place is… Continue reading Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

Re-Up: Blaine’s Jam Edit #2

I’ve been having some major San Diego withdrawal symptoms as of late. You know, punching snowmen in the face, looking at jackets with extreme disgust, threatening to choke mother nature if I can somehow figure out how to get my hands around her neck, stuff like that. This edit from Blaine and Shawn’s has only… Continue reading Re-Up: Blaine’s Jam Edit #2

Blaine’s Jam Edit #2

I saw Fudger creeping around in the first edit that came out from Blaine’s Jam, so I figured that Ride would be putting out one of their own sooner or later.This one is definitely a lot more official than the other one! Lots of big names in here, and as an added bonus they hit… Continue reading Blaine’s Jam Edit #2