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Scanned: Brian Foster’s Schwinn Little King Ad

Here’s another good one that I had hanging on my wall back in the day, and another gem shot by Keith Mulligan. Who knew that Brian was a pioneer in home brewing craze? The text in this thing cracks me up! “Warning: Suspending a rider from BMX competition may lead to complications such as that same rider kicking everyone’s ass in subsequent dirt jumping events.”  “Contents: Malted aggression, domestic aluminum, and only the finest stuck landings”

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Schwinn “American Muscle”

I had something else planned for this weeks flashback post but plans had to change when I came across this classic. Classic is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days, but Schwinn’s “American Muscle” defines what a classic is. I’m still regretting not picking up a copy of it when I had a chance. One of may favorite parts about watching it now is seeing all the old Posh footage. It’s cool seeing what was and what wasn’t there, and seeing how some of the lines are still kind of similar.

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