Flashback: Fort Wayne Scene Report 1994

As crazy as it is to think about now, Fort Wayne, Indiana was at the top of the list of places I wanted to live back when I was in high school. The motley crew of dudes who ended up calling that place home during that time is directly to blame for that. The videos they put out gave us a first hand look into the BMX scene they had carved out in a midwest town that I’m sure I had never heard of up until then. It really did seem like a little BMX mecca to myself and the…

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Flashback: 1991 UGP Flying Circus Dirt Jumping Contest

Go ahead and stop what you’re doing and tell who ever is around you that you can’t be disturbed for the next 40 minutes. Apparently this incredible footage from the 1991 UGP Flying Circus Dirt Contest has been floating around Indiana on a VHS tape for the last 24 years. Someone please buy Rich Hoppe a beer for getting this online so that the rest of the world can see it! This is pure gold, and if you look closely you’ll spot Brian Foster, Taj, Chris Moeller, Jimmy Levan, and a few more guys who went on to become legends….

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Scott Yoquelet Interview

I was super psyched to see clips of Scott Yoquelet still riding in Anthem II and now The Union just put up a picture packed interview with him. A lot of you may not know who Scotty is, but he was a huge influence to me and a ton of other riders back in the 90s. The dude not only killed it on the track, but also shredded the trails with an effortless style and could throw down the meanest nac nac you’ve ever seen.

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