Tall Order – Trails and Wales Pt. 1

Sunday’s are usually pretty sleepy around here content wise but Tall Order decided to liven things up with their latest webisode featuring Corey Bohan and Matt Harris riding Sidley Woods. This is part one of four following the crew on a little team trip. You’ll find the next two parts below, but part four will… Continue reading Tall Order – Trails and Wales Pt. 1

Tall Order – First Big Riding Session with the Team

Tall Order keeps cranking out the webisodes! This one is definitely a lot more heavy on the riding than the past three. You got some park, some pump track action, some more park, and then finally some trails. 16:35 is where you’ll find Baz and the team at the Abbey Trails. The pump track part… Continue reading Tall Order – First Big Riding Session with the Team

Introducing Tall Order BMX

There was a time not all that long ago where it seemed like a new BMX “brand” was popping up almost every week. Things have definitely slowed down quite a bit since then, and now a new brand being started is once again something that is newsworthy, especially when Sebastian “Bas” Keep is on the… Continue reading Introducing Tall Order BMX

Villa Road – A Day in Malaga!

For those of us who haven’t been to Malaga, Villa Road brings us this look into what you might except from a typical day. They get things started with a little milling about the apartment before heading off to the park and then eventually the El Cable Trails. 10:21 is where you’ll find that last… Continue reading Villa Road – A Day in Malaga!

Red Bull Quarter Master

I was putting my money on Morgan taking the win at Red Bull’s Quarter Master but in the end it was Hucker who went the highest. Kurt and I were joking around the other day about how much money it would take for one of us to hit that thing at full speed (brakes removed… Continue reading Red Bull Quarter Master

Red Bull – Quarter Master 2014

Not only is Red Bull’s Quarter Master back, it’s back even bigger than it was before. Oh and did I mention that Bas will be joined by Morgan Wade, Corey Bohan, Tom Dugan, Hucker, Ruben, Roey, and more this time around. This shit is going to be nuts! I can’t wait to see what Morgan… Continue reading Red Bull – Quarter Master 2014

Behind the Scenes of Bas Keep’s Quartermaster

First off, I can’t even fathom building such a thing! That quarter is seriously the size of my house! Second, I don’t know what would be scarier, hitting that ridiculous quarter or riding down that roll in. I swear it looks like they’re going 50mph at the bottom of it!

Sebastian Keep – Quarter Master

It’s about time that this dropped! Pics and the teaser vid have been floating around for weeks now. I was starting to think that I had somehow missed the actual video. Seeing Baz hit this thing would have been incredible by itself but they spiced things up with a clip of Ruben taking it on!