Red Bull – Lined Up With Sergio Layos

Sergio Layos is in the spotlight for the first video of Hadrien Picard’s new “Lined Up” Red Bull series. The idea behind the series is simple, one line, one 90 second long continuous shot. Actually pulling that off though, definitely not so simple for either the rider or the filmer. Sergio and Hadrien pulled it… Continue reading Red Bull – Lined Up With Sergio Layos

Tall Order – Webisode #13

00:38 and 08:17 are are the times you want to remember/jump to in this latest Tall Order webisode. The first one is a bit of hilarity as some tweaker takes himself out by running into a pedestrian on the Hermosa Beach Pier. The second is a HEATED session at the Oakley Trails with Corey Bohan,… Continue reading Tall Order – Webisode #13

Re-Up: Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

I was really thinking that Red Bull’s Raditudes had completely ditched having trails footage in it this season until this Blue Bench episode dropped. Best thing about the episode is that Red Bull’s athletes aren’t even the focus of it. It’s pretty cool that they let Mike Saavedra and Blue Bench have the shine!

Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

This season of Red Bull’s Raditudes hasn’t had any trails in it up until now. I’m just going to say that they more than made up for it with this episode. Any Blue Bench footage is guaranteed to be good, but Blue Bench footage with Sergio Layos, Corey Bohan and Hucker riding the place is… Continue reading Red Bull Raditudes – Blue Bench

Mike Saavedra & Sergio Layos – Mataro to Malaga

Two people who make riding a bike look absolutely incredible, Mike Saavedera and Sergio Layos! As awesome as it is to have an edit with both of them in it riding the Lost Trails and Ruben’s Park, it’s even more awesome to see Mike back on his bike and riding again. It doesn’t look like… Continue reading Mike Saavedra & Sergio Layos – Mataro to Malaga