Florideah Swampfest and The Confederate Battle Flag

The decision as to whether or not to write this post has been weighing on me pretty heavy over the weekend. By all accounts Florideah’s Swampfest was a huge success, and judging from post on social media, an absolute blast for everyone in attendance. Several post even likened it to the Texas Toast and Ghetto… Continue reading Florideah Swampfest and The Confederate Battle Flag

Shadow KIL Sprocket

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of US manufacturing. That’s why the new US made KIL (Keep It Local) sprocket Shadow has in the works caught my attention. Get over to The Merged¬†for more info on the KIL sprocket and a potential full line of American made parts from Shadow.

Salt of the Earth

Cottle took some time off from his shop Outspoken to film this edit for Shadow.  Check him out getting down at 71n with a few park clips thrown in for good measure.