S&M Woods Wednesday – Halahan Train-ing Ground

I’m often left shaking my head at how soft most kids are these days. It seems like the majority of them solely rely on the digital world for entertainment, validation, and their overall happiness. The Halahan kids on the other hand, they give me a small glimmer of hope that this next generation won’t be completely comprised of useless digital device zombies. Stoked to see that post FBM they’ve found a home with the good folks at S&M!

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FBM Hala-FAST Frames

If you’re looking for a quality US made frame and fork for your little one then look no further than FBM’s new Hala-FAST frames. Originally custom creatings for Halahan brothers, these scaled down Steadfast frames and CB4K’s are now available for anyone looking for a kickass 18″ or 20″ wheel frame and fork for their youngster… or if you’re Dunny, you’ll probably get one for yourself. Pre-orders for them are open through October and they are expected to ship early December. Just in time for Christmas! Specs after the jump.

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