Boozer Jam 2016 Ryan Guettler brings us this first video look at last weekend’s Boozer Jam. The turnout was huge, with riders multiple generations of riders coming out to Sheep Hills to support Mike “Boozer” Brown. Hopefully the HD version of the video won’t be as jumpy for you as it was for me. I just about… Continue reading Boozer Jam 2016

Flashback: 1996 King of Dirt Qualifying

I wanted to find a real gem for this week’s flashback since I slacked on finding one last week. I think this video of the 1996 Pomona, California King of Dirt qualifying should do just fine. My god were things sketchy back then! People were fucking going for it though! Highlights include Fuzzy driving the… Continue reading Flashback: 1996 King of Dirt Qualifying


I decided to head west with this weeks flashback post. Soil came out around 1996 and was a real look into the West Coast trails scene. Sure most of the riders in it were dudes you’d see all the time in magazines and contest coverage but Soil really showed you what they had going on… Continue reading Soil

Memphis MTV Sports & Music Festival

Fourteen years later I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not going to this. If I remember right I had the choice to either go to a race with one of my roommates or to go with the other to Memphis to check this out. ¬†Of course he comes back saying awesome it was… Continue reading Memphis MTV Sports & Music Festival